Upcoming Eyelid Retraction Surgery and Tooth Infection?

I have an eyelid surgery in 12 days (levator recession with possible spacer). Recently I also got an infected molar tooth. I have been on antibiotics and pain has subsided. Its still sensitive but not painful. Now, rescheduling surgery is close to impossible due to work. So not sure what to do. Have root canal real quick before surgery. Or go through surgery and then after. Not sure what to do. But concerned even if infection is not active to do surgery. Thoughts?

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Grafting from mouth


You mentioned spacer: is this harvested from the roof of your mouth? If so, the added discomfort might be reason enough to alleviate the pain and infection from the molar infection before proceeding with the retraction eyelid surgery.

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Lid retraction surgery and tooth infection

Check with your surgeon - If you are having a spacer placed then your surgeon may not want you to have an active infection.  You still have 12 days before surgery so the infection may clear.  You may ask your surgeon to discuss this with your dental care provider as well.

Keshini Parbhu, MD
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Dear Arlington

If you are having eyelid retraction surgery because you are in pain and have poor closure of the eyelids, you must weigh the pros and cons of surgery.   If this is elective and can wait, I would concentrate on getting into the best heath you can before any procedure.


Dr. Cynthia Boxrud 

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Eyelid surgery and infected tooth.

Have your surgeon discuss this with your dentist or endodontist and they should be able to tell you exactly whata is best and possible with your schedule.

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