How Much Will Eyelid Relax After Lower Blepharoplasty Revision?

I had a lower bleph Aug 08 w/slight retraction in one eye. Also too much fat was taken out of both eyes. Had fat grafting back in April 09. I like the results but it did not help with the retraction.

I had a lower bleph revision two weeks ago. For the revision I went to an oculoplastic surgeon. He released the scar tissue, slight cheek lift and canthoplasty. I like where the lower lid is positioned right now, at first it was way too high but it has relaxed. What are the chances of it staying where it's at now? I'm worried that it will relax even more.

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"Keeping it tight!"

I am glad that your corrective procedure is going well.  The position of the lower lid should have a stable result in a formal canthoplasty.  During the canthoplasty the lower eyelid ligament is accurately positioned in a very thoughtful manner with usually a permanent suture.  The deliberately executed maneuver will help maintain the desired position.  Try not to worry about the future position of the eyelid.  Carefully follow the instructions of your surgeon.

Revision blepharoplasty

Time will tell where the eyelid will position. It depends on the surgical technique, amount of scarring, and the strength of the eyelid muscle (orbicularis). You can perform eyelid closure (squinting) exercises to exercise the muscle and raise the eyelid.

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