Eyelid Ptosis and Conjunctivitis. Should I Wait to Get SurgerY/

Hello, I suffered from bad conjuctivitis that lasted over a month. My eye has been very swollen but slowly got better. The last time I saw a doctor which was about a week ago he said I recovered from the conjuctivitis and the eyelid would go back to normal after a while. But I still havent seen a improvement, Im worried the eyelid is "stuck" hanging and that it developed into ptosis. How long should I wait before I consider surgery?

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Eyelid ptosis repair

It is best to wait 3-4 months for all swelling and reaction to settle down after the conjunctivitis before and embarking on a surgical ptosis repair. It is best to  seek out a oculoplastic surgeon who performs many ptosis repairs for best results.

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The conjunctivitis is a very good reason to postpone eyelid surgery.

I would recommend letting this completely resolve.  If you were seeing an oculoplastic surgeon for your eyelid surgery, they could determine when it is appropriate to go forward with eyelid surgery.  Since it sound like they are not an oculoplastic surgeon, I recommend seeing your ophthalmologist and letting them decide when it is safe for you to have eyelid surgery.

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Wait 3 months at least.

There is no downside to waiting a bit longer. If you had considerable swelling of the eyelids, it could take a while to resolve. One episode of eyelid swelling is likely not going to cause an irreversible anatomic change, so patience is key.

If it doesn't resolve, I consulation with an oculoplastics surgeon, if you doctor isn't one, would be appropriate.

You can find one using the link below.

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