Do I Have Eyelid Ptosis?

I had ptosis surgery (and to form a crease) on my left eye 4 months ago, and a surgery to remove a little skin and fat from the right eye , about 1 week after that (did not undergo ptosis repair). Both eyes look horrible when at rest, but when wide open they look okay- too bad I can't keep them wide open for longer than a few seconds. I think the ptosis came back in left eye and even in right eye now. What kind of ptosis does it look like I have?

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Droopy eyelid

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It does appear that ptosis of your left upper eyelid.  Ptosis is correctable.  See either a plastic surgeon or an oculoplastic surgeon for recommendations.

Dr. ES


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Hi.  You certainly appear to have ptosis on the left side.  There are a few other steps and examination tools needed to properly assess the etiology of the ptosis and possible treatment options.  An oculoplastic evaluation is best.

Dr T.

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