Eyelid Ptosis or Eyebrow Ptosis After Double Eyelid Surgery?

Had double eyelid surgery 4 months ago. Left eye had no crease before surgery. Now I think it is drooping again. Does it look like the ptosis is an eyelid ptosis or due to my left eyebrow being lower than the right? (orbital dystopia, which I think is unique). I think I probably need revision of left eye but can't for another 3 months, so I won't be able to see any oculo surgeons till then- I think my left eye may be straining or lifting alot to see causing me aches around forehead.

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Eyelid Ptosis after Double Eyelid Surgery

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Thank you for posting your photos. Preoperative photos may be of additional help. Given you history of no eyelid crease before surgery, you probably had pre-existing ptosis or drooping of the left upper eyelid. Double eyelid crease surgery will not change that, and therefore after surgery you still have ptosis of both upper eyelids, the left worse than the right. 

Since your surgery was four months ago, it would be reasonable to have an initial evaluation with an oculoplastic surgeon. The surgeon can review pre and post-operative photos and watch how you heal over the next three months.

If you are in Oakland, CA, you are welcome to have an evaluation with me in Monterey.

Monterey Oculoplastic Surgeon

Eyelid Ptosis or Eyebrow Ptosis After Double Eyelid Surgery

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You have left upper eyelid ptosis and this is evident because: 1) Increased fold height in the left eye; 2) decreased iris, also known as color aspect of the eye, that is being shown in the left eye; 3) a full or complete eye elevation on the right.  You could tell that the left eye is slightly lowered than the right. Therefore, ptosis revision is needed. You do not have to wait three months for ptosis revision. The reason is that the more you wait, the more scar formation occurs, since the longer you wait, there is more chance for scar tissue to firmly set. It is recommended to prevent any adhesion from occurring. Therefore, I recommend an early revision so that you do not have to live with eyelid asymmetry and also prevent any excess scar formation. 

Kenneth K. Kim, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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