Is This Eyelid Protrusion?

I already was diagnosed with dry eyes a long time ago but was wondering if my eye condition is much more serious than dry eyes. My eyelids protrude forward causing a bug-eyed look. It's been like this for I don't know how many years now but it's been a while. I supplied pictures from different angles to get a better perspective. Does this look like any eye condition or just normal? Any help or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

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You have prominent eyes

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Based on the limited views, you have small bone valet and would benefit from orbital expansion. This is a involved procedure that will move your lateral orbital wall forward with osteotomy. Look for a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Eye protrusion

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You have relative eye protrusion secondary to small socket size and flat malar immenence (cheek bones).  It is congenital in your case, and not related to thyroid eye disease.  You may benefit from orbital decompression to set the eyes back and may need eyelid retraction surgery too.  Consult an oculoplastic surgeon.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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You have what is described as prominent eyes.

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If you have been this way all your life, the prominence of the eyes is likely due to the configuration of your facial skeleton.  When prominent eyes develop over a short period of time and in association with orbital inflammation, the differential diagnosis includes thyroid related orbitopathy.  Prominent eyes can be subject to drying.  I recommend an assessment by an ophthalmologist to help you manage your dry eyes.  They will also assess the history of your orbital status and make a recommendation regarding the need to perform additional testing.

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Protruding Eyes

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Protruding eyes may be caused by a variety of conditions, or may just be normal for you.  I recommend being evaluated by a memeber of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery (ASOPRS).  Their website will help you locate an ASOPRS surgeon in your area.

Michael McCracken, MD
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