How Much Would an Eyelid Lift Cost on One Eye, the Upper Lid? (photo)

I have had ptosis on my left upper eyelid my whole life, I just so happen to be legally blind in the same eye. It wasn't as severe when I was younger, but it worsened over the years after multiple surgeries. (I'm 20 and have had 10 surgeries on my eyes since I was 3 months old). I've run into issues about certain places not accepting insurance and other stuff and no one can seem to give me an estimated amount on how much it would cost me.

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Eyelid Lift Cost on One Eye

Surgical fees will vary greatly across the country, and in the same city.  In your case, it would not be possible to provide you even a reasonable range without a detailed consultation.

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Your situation is so complex.

It is unreasonable to make a surgeon guess precisely what you need and make a quote for surgery online without the benefit of examining you!  I suggest you start with a consultation.  In my office your consultation will take about 3 hours and we charge $695 for this which I think is very fair.  At the end of that assessment I will know if I think it is possible to make any improvement in your situation.  By way of disclosure, it is possible that you may not benefit from additional surgery.

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