Eyelid Incision Lumps

I am on day 12 of recovery from eyelid surgery. While I am happy with the results, I seem to be having lumps at the incision line. Will this go away in time? Also the incision line seems to be actually above my actual eyelid crease, is this still caused by swelling? Thanks for the feedback

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Suture tract cysts following a blepharoplasty

Small bumps along the suture line can be from the suture itself.  We call these suture tract cysts.  If they do not resolve then occasionally they need to be unroofed with a lancet. 

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Eyelid incision lumps

It is not unusual for oatients to get small cysts in their incision line that look like a whitehead.  If this is the case, see your surgeon who can remove them easily. Otherwise, it may just be early scarring which will improve with time.

Ronald J. Edelson, MD
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Eyelid Incision Lumps

Small lumps can be seen on the incision of a blepharoplasty for a period of time as that skin is quite thin and just about anything will show. They occur in places where there was a stitch, but it will get better. A little light massage might help along with some warm moist soaks.

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Wait three months

Every incision will heal with  a scar, and it is not unusual to have a subtle ridge along the eyelid incision. After a couple of weeks have passed you can massage the scar with the use of an ointment to decrease skin drag/friction. Make sure the ointment is safe around the eyes [eyelid ointment].

If you are still unhappy at 3 months time, then re-visit the problem with your surgeon or get a second opinion.

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The incision line bumps calm and often disappear.

Bumps that persist or get larger over time do need to be removed.  However you are so early from your surgery that I would recommend being patient at this time and allow the eyelid to heal before assuming any of these bumps will need something done for them.

Regarding the incision vs the natural crease, the incision should be placed below or at the natural crease.  When this is not done the eyelid may heal without an issue or the natural crease may be visible below the surgical crease.  This may or may not need to be addressed in the future.  In some cases this duplicative crease is hidden by the upper eyelid fold.

GIve yourself time to heal and stop studying the eyelids in the magnifying mirror. 

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Eyelid incision lumps

Hi redjezebel,


That can be quite normal.  In fact I tell my patients they can expect some thickening of the incision line about 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery.  However, this is not normally very visible if at all.  If the lumps are extending beyond the incision then you should check it out with your surgeon.  Most likely you're just fine.   What you have is an immature form of collagen in the incision line, which everyone experiences to some degree.  What you can expect is this to soften and flatten over the next 2 to 4 weeks.  It's gradual.


You'll do great!

Chase Lay, MD

Chase Lay, MD
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