Other Eyelid Feels Heavy After Ptosis Repair on One Eye

I had a ptosis repair on my left eyelid, half a year ago, in China; about 2 mm of levator aponeurosis was cut out, tied to tarsal plate. About ~3 or so months after surgery (when swelling was completely down), the other eye feels heavy- but it had nothing done to it. It wasn't operated on, but it feels heavy and tight, but it looks the same as before. Any explanations?

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Unoperated eyelid feels heavy

This happens sometimes when unilateral ptosis repair is performed. The basis for this is called Hering's phenomenon. Prior to surgery, your droopy left upper lid causes the brain to increase the signals to the levator muscle to lift more to compensate. Unfortunately the brain cannot send different signals to each side so both lids get the same signal. You probably have drooping on both sides just more on the left. The right side drooping is masked by Hering's phenomenon. Correcting the drooping on the left removes the stronger signal to the right levator muscle resulting in heaviness-drooping on the unoperated side.

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