Eyelid Fat Come Back?

had a lower eyelid surgery four years ago and I came out all right, but for two months I have not slept well only for 3-4 hours and i have inflamation in the eyelid these two weeks i have been sleeping better, I am under a little swelling, but It no longer looks smooth i am concerned that the bags will come back, Did the fat come back or is it inflammation alone? I am 42 years old. I doubt that it is by old age, I do not ever want to operate, what other remedies are there in addition to the surgery?

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Amputated eyelids that does not return but fat can return.

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Puffiness of the lower lids is due to herniation of orbital fat through a retaining membrane. Sometimes treatment involves removing the fat in repairing membrane. Sometimes the remaining fat can re-herniate.

Lower Eyelid Swelling

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This is most likely temporary puffiness caused by lack of sleep, however if it persists or worsens you should see your eye doctor to make sure that it is nothing more serious.  Watching your salt intake and using a cold washrag may help reduce this swelling, but the most effective remedy would be trying to get more sleep.   However, particularly given your young age, unfortunately it is likely that the bags in your lower eyelids will eventually return and gradually worsen over time.  Surgery removes the fat that is present, but cannot prevent more fat from pushing its way forward into the lower lids (we call this herniated orbital fat).  Heredity often plays a strong role so if your parents and/or other relatives developed this condition at a young age it is not that uncommon to see this problem begin in the late 30’s or 40’s.

Geoffrey J. Gladstone, MD
Southfield Oculoplastic Surgeon

Swelling of the lower lids 4 years after a blepharoplasty

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The aging process does not stop with a blepharoplasty procedure but it is unlikely that this current  problem is related to a recurrence.  More than likely it is a temporary problem that will resolve shortly with no specific treatment.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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