Eyelid drooping after 30 units?

I recv'd 30 units on the 15th and have a slight eyelid drooping and was wonderign if I get injections for a brow lift will this help?

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Can I inject more Botox to lift my BROW if I have eye-LID drooping?

Without pictures, it is difficult to give you an answer.  However, with that said...

A droopy eye-LID due to Botox can be treated with Apraclonidine eye-drops which can provide a small (2mm) improvement.  Be sure your prescribing physician discusses all the potential side-effects of the drops, such as "adrenaline-like" symptoms like anxiety or heart pounding; you may also experience eye irritation, eye dryness, and eye pain, amongst other symptoms. If these symptoms occur, you will likely need to take some lubricating eye drops, lower the dose, switch the eye-drops, or stop the drops altogether...

Injections for a BROW lift are less likely to help with a droopy eye-LID then they are for a droopy eye-BROW...  A droopy brow can sometimes be improved with Botox injected into the outside part of the eye (the lateral aspect of the orbicularis oculi) to generate a bit of a brow lift in that area -- this is less likely to help with a droopy eye-LID.

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Eyelid drooping after 30 units?

Your medical provider might be able to apply 2-4 units above each brow to help with the droop, its best to go in for a follow-up consult

George T. Boris, MD, FRCS, FACS
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Eyelid drooping after 30 units?

Without a photo provided I suggest you follow up with your medical provider, he/she may be able to apply a few units to help lift the brow

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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I can't really tell... Can you take some pictures of your face (front and profile) please, so that I can tell you what you need, or how could it improve according to my p.o.v.

Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda, MD
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