2 Weeks After Lower Eyelid Correction There's Drooping and Affected Vision, Are These Permanent Results?

Two weeks ago, I had an endorgin spacer graft inserted on my right eye and a lift at the end of the eye upward for lower lid sag. My eye looks way smaller and oriental and I feel the side of the eye constantly. Also, if I look downward it feels like a magnet that needs to close. Also my vision has been affected. The upper lid is now drooping which make my eye look even smaller. This ocuplastic surgeon says everything will settle in 3 months. I'm so worried. Please help.

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Unfortunately, without a photograph, it is impossible to comment. Spacer grafts are used to treat lower eyelid malposition. One eye may be smaller (palpebral aperture) due to swelling, but the doctor best qualified to address the issues is your surgeon. If you are not satisfied, return to discuss these concerns and problems.

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It does take time to heal from a surgery.

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Having said that, by two weeks after surgery one often has the feeling the surgery is on the right track or not.  If it seems to be getting better, that is normal.  However, if it seems to be getting worse as time goes on, that is not normal.  It may mean that your surgery will not accomplish everything you hoped for.  However, at two weeks there is often nothing that can be done other than let the tissues heal and see where things settle.  Should you get a second opinion?  I think if you are not certain things are going as planned and your relationship with your surgeon is good, you might consider asking for a second opinion.  If your relationship or confidence in your surgeon is not good, you can of course arrange your own second opinion.  Please recognize that sometimes these can be helpful or harmful.  If you end up going to your surgeons arch competitor, they may only have bad things to say in an effort to steal you away as a patient (yes I am afraid that surgeons sometimes engage in ugly behavior).  Sometimes you may be referred to a colleague who tells you that you look marvelous and that the referring surgeon is a genius.  While this may not seem helpful either, occasionally the friendly second opinion will be giving the first surgeon some input that can be helpful for your immediate management.  So there is sometimes very good value in the friendly second opinion.

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Recovery after lower eyelid surgery

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The healing process after eyelid surgery can take several months to resolve.  Feeling tight, uncomfortable, and heavy can be entirely normal only 2 weeks after a significant procedure such as placement of a spacer graft.  While it can be hard to be patient after surgery, I believe that this is the best option for now. 

Brian Biesman, MD
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It's too soon after your surgery

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It's normal to worry after surgery, but I agree with your surgeon. It takes months to heal and often, we overcorrect a drooping lower eyelid in the short term as we know that gravity and healing will cause the lid to come down over the first few months. Relax and allow your body to heal!

Gary Lelli, Jr., MD
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

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