Is there anything that can help bad scarring after eyelid and eyebrow surgery?

I eyelid and eyebrow surgery on both eyes! I have bad scarring over both eyebrows. It's been 1 1/2 years post and its not better.

Is there anything that can help? Everyone I meet alway asks if I was in a car wreck? My doctor who did my surgery said it would fade out but it hasn't and he saying he did his job??? So is there anything I can to fix my damaged  eyebrows?

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Traetment of scarring

Unwanted scarring can occur after trauma, surgery, or as a result of acne or some other skin conditions.  There are several types of scarring that can occur and sometimes several different types are seen in the same patient.  There is thus no single treatment that is best to improve the appearance of scars.  We use a number of approaches including medical treatment, laser skin resurfacing, vascular laser treatment and surgery.  The treatment plan is designed for each individual patient- there is no standard "recipe" for treating scars.  You should see your surgeon first to discuss treatment options. 

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Laser treatments can reduce eyebrow scars

I think you can consider laser procedures to help your scars - the specific laser would depend on scar type and appearance. Red scars responds well to pulsed dye laser (PDL) like Vbeam and many scars will look significantly improved after several fractional laser treatments like Fraxel Re:store and Re:pair. Sometimes additional laser is added if there is a lot of brown color in the scar - another laser such as GentleLase or a q-switched laser can be added to one of the above listed lasers to further help lighten scar appearance.

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Eyelid scar treatment in Los Angeles

Eyelid and eyebrow scarring can be addressed with laser and surgery. An examination is needed. Our office specializes in scar treatment in Los Angeles. 

Raffy Karamanoukian MD FACS

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