Eyelashes Falling Out- Using Latisse For 1 Year

I am going thru menopause,having issues with dry eye, using restasis. About a year ago, I also started using latisse. It was working well for a while, then my eyelashes started falling out, to the point I am still using latisse every day just to keep some lashes. Any idea why this is happening? My eye brows have thinned out on the ends as well. The latisse gets them long then they fall out. Will Biotin & silica help?

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Latisse may not be enough

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Eyelash hair like any hair has a natural life cycle. Latisse is a great medicine and works mainly by prolonging the active growth phase of the hair. However when one goes through menopause and experiences hormonal issues the hypotrichosis may not be corrected by latisse alone. I would discuss this with your GYN and consider a possible hormone replacement therapy. I works great for both the dry eyes and eyelash growth.

New York Ophthalmologist

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