Eyelashes Falling Out the Week After Upper/Lower Bleph? (photo)

I am 2 months out from having upper and lower blepharoplasty. My upper and lower lashes started falling out the week after surgery, and at this point I barely have any lashes left on my bottom lids! My lashes on my upper lids have also really thinned out. Is this normal? Will they grow back? What should I use? Please help. Thank you!

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Your lower eyelid incision looks like it was made way too close to the lower eyelid lashes.

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The lashes grow from a hair bulb under the skin.  Cutting through this structure can damage the hair bulb and prevent hair from growing permanently.  It looks like that might be the case for you because the incision line is so close to the lash line in the lower eyelids.  You can also look hairs from the tissue stress related to the inflammation caused by surgery.  That type of hair loss may not be permanent.  Unfortunately, what is need now is time.  If these lashes do not show signs of returning after 6 months then it is likely that the lash loss will be permanent.  

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