Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

I had my eyebrows tattooed about 3 weeks ago and really regret having it done. It is too dark (fair Asian), too high and too arched for my facial shape. Unfortunately, a too tight forehead lift years ago caused my eyebrows to move up higher so that I now look constantly surprised as my eyebrows are now more pronounced. What are the best ways to remove them? I read that laser removal can cause hair loss and also cause the hair to turn white. Please help.

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Try Retin A cream

The laser for tattoo removal is different than for hair removal.  You should consult with someone in your area who has experience with tattoo removal and see if you are a candidate.  I have never heard of hair turning white from laser treatment.  The main risk is scarring.

I recall one patient some years back who did not like her eyebrow tattoo and used Retin A cream (generic is tretinoin) once or twice a day on the area.  This irritated the skin, but the tattoo pigment faded quite impressively.  Tretinoin is by prescription, so your doctor would need to get you the prescription.

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