What is an Eyebrow Lift Called when It is to Remove Drooping from Eyelid?

I have facial paralysis. My nose is collapsing. The doctor said he was going to repair the nose with an open procedure and lift the eyebrow by making an incision along the upper edge of the brow. What are these procedures called? He is going to use cartilage from inside my nose to strengthen the nasal wall.

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Face lift and brow lift to treat facial paralysis

There are many treatment options for facial paralysis. Sometimes just tightening the skin and muscles can improve the appearance. Other times muscle and nerve transfers are needed. A face lift will tighten the skin in the cheek and neck and a brow lift will elevate the forehead and upper eyelid. It sounds like you are going to have a Rhinoplasty also, a procedure on the nose.

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