Eyebrow Hair Growth Options?

I have eyebrows that do not have enough hair on them? I have had this a while. I have noticed it again recently because they are itchy (one in particular is). I think I might have pulled some hair out because of it. Will this hair grow back? In the long term what can I do to make my whole brow have a solid hair eyebrow on it? I have noticed there a products on the market but do they work and do they work on men? Thanks.

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Eyebrow hair growth options

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If you are in the habit of pulling your hair out - nothing would really work for you. This is a recognized psychiatric disorder that needs to be properly treated.

If you you have a dermatological condition (? itching) which has resulted in the brow hair loss - it would be best to consult a Dermatologist and see what can be done.

Your other 2 options is to "grow" your own or to "replant" your own. Either use Latisse in an off label use by applying it to the skin of the brow to grow Brow hair. OR to see a hair grafting specialist for single follicle hair grafts to your brows. I would NOT do any of these until the psychiatric and medical issues if any are cleared out.

Dr. P. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Some people use Latisse to grow eyebrow hair but you should see a doctor first to explore your options.

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Some people use Latisse to grow eyebrow hair but you should see a doctor first to explore your options.

Jae Pak, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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Hair Transplant or Latisse for Eyebrow Hair Loss

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The first thing that I would recommend is to talk with your doctor about your itchy eyebrows - there may be something simple to help with your issue and prevent you from pulling out your brow hair.  For permanent brow thinning or loss, we have had great success with our patients and eyebrow hair transplantation (FUE).  It is a procedure that implants new hair to the balding or thinning areas of the brow, restoring that thick and natural look so many of our patients seek.  We have also seen some success with Latisse application to the brow, but I would discuss both of these options first with your doctor to decide the best course of treatment for your particular situation.

Eyebrow Transplant for Hair Growth

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First, consult a dermatologist to assess why your eyebrows are so itchy that you’re pulling the hairs out. If the loss is permanent, a great option for eyebrow restoration is eyebrow transplant. This is a hair transplant procedure that specifically uses the FUE method of donor harvest.
For patients who need their eyebrows restored or thickened, I extract donor hair from the nape of the neck or the legs (BHT) using FUE with uGraft. I find these hairs are most agreeable to the disposition of natural eyebrow hairs and don’t need to be trimmed as frequently as hairs derived from the mid-rear scalp. In addition, hair growth is permanent and does not require any ongoing treatment or application.

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Eyebrow hair growth options

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As you have heard, off-label use of Latisse has been prescribed for the problem you are having. In our practice, eyebrow transplantation works remarkably well. The donor scar is small and imperceptible.  The hair that grows is resilient.  Consider an in-person consultation to discuss all of your options. 

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