Eyebag Treatment for Large Under Eye Bags?

I am 22 years old and my under eye bags are enormous. The bags that I have are below my eyes and I am constantly being told I always look so tired and I am actually well rested. My bags look kind of like sacks of water.

I think it is hereditary because my relatives also have these unusually big sacks under their eyes. How can these be removed and is it expensive?

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Treatment for Large Eye Bags

If the bags are very large, lower eyelid blepharoplasty with skin resection (removal of skin) is the appropriate procedure for you. If the fat is simply removed, you will be left with loose wrinkly skin. The bags are probably less substantial and not as serious as you think they are. Consultation with a specialist in eyelid surgery will guide you in the right decision for treatment. All the best!

Transconjunctival fat removal

this procedure was designed for you and your family members. do it early to prevent stretching of your eyelid skin and thus adding skin resection to your operation. besides it only gets worse with time and you will never be healthier. this is true if the bulges are fat, I'm guessing based on your age and family description they are.

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Lower blepharoplasty for eye bags

This is truly the real goal of lower eye lid surgery, to remove the excess fat from the lower lids.

Based on your description without pictures, there may also be extra skin after removal of the excess fat.  Therefore, the best approach may be an open approach with an incision below your lashes to remove the excess fat and then tighten the skin of the lower lid removing the extra skin.  The resul should be a refreshed look, no longer tired.

Roger J. Friedman, MD
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon
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Treatment for a large under eye bags

 At 22 years of age its important to make sure there are no allergies, thyroid conditions and at least try a low-salt diet. If he large under  eye bags are still present, then a lower eyelid  trans-conjunctival approach for  a conservative removal of the 3 fatty deposits in the lower lids is performed to remove the bags. For many examples, please see the link below to our eyelid surgery photo gallery

William Portuese, MD
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Treatment of large undereye bags

If you truly have large, puffy bags under the eyes, lower blepharoplasty is your only good option. Cost can vary from $2500-$5000 depending on the surgeon's skill and regional cost. Be careful to choose your surgeon based on demonstrated track record of excellent results - not just cost. Don't gamble with your face and eyes!

Laxmeesh Mike Nayak, MD
Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Yes there are definitely genetic reasons for have

In your situation the best option is having the procedure done through the inside of the lower eyelid because at your age you will not need any tightening of external skin.  The recovery from the procedure is about one week.  You will have some swelling and bruising that is controlled well with arnica.

Treatment of Lower Lid Bags in Young People

Without an exam or detailed photos specific advice cannot be given. However from your description and young age you most likely have familial fat pad prominence. If this is the case then removing the fat pads from an invisible incision just inside your lower eyelid (transconjunctival approach) can remove or reposition your fat pads so that they no longer are bulging.

Eyelid bags, eyelid bag removal cost

Dear Kimmel several top doctors have answered this question accurately for you. Surgery is the most conservative and reliable method costing between $2000-$3000 depending on your city.  Swelling can take up to a month to subside.

Alternative treatments are injections into the eyelid to dissolve the fat or injection of fat or Juvederm below the lid to diminish the groove below and lessen the bulge.  The price for these depends on the product used  and your doctor ranging from $500 to $1500.

Please consult in person with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon prior to making any treatment decisions as this area can be tricky to treat properly i.e. avoid bumps from injections.

Luis A. Cenedese, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid bags

The best solution for this is usually a transconjunctival blepharoplasty with a fat transposition.  In this operation the fat is repositioned, not removed.  Removal of the fat can lead to a hollow look later on.  I have attached a link to photos of a patient of mine.

Stuart H. Bentkover, MD
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lower Eyelid Treatment

Dear Kimmel

You are describing a common isssue - for people of varying ages. the correction of the fullness/puffiness of the lower eyelids can be done with or without surgery

with Surgery- full blepharoplasty(filling of hollow with micro fat graft + removal of puffing fat + tightening of the eyelid and redraping skin), partial (removal of fat only), removal of fat and fat grafting

without Surgery- Restylane injections to fill the hollow beneath the puffines

The procedure for you- depends on cost, downtime and risks.

Your age is not a barrier to have something done.

With Warmest Regards,

Trevor M Born MD

Trevor M. Born, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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