Are These Eyebags or Festoons Under Eye? (photo)

Hi a few months ago i started noticing bags above my cheecks and was wondering if it fluid retention or festoons im 20. thx.

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Eyebags or festoons under eyes?

It does not appear that you have festoons under your eyes and it would be extremely unlikely to have those in someone your age.  It is possible that there is some protruding fat under your eyes that may cause some puffiness there.  This can be hereditary in nature and not age related.  I would recommend a consultation with a facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or oculoplastic surgeon to see if you might be a candidate for treatment.  

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Eyelid bags or festoons

It isn't clear from the picture, but they appear to be bags, accentuated by the dark tear trough.  Lower eyelid bags in young people can be from stretching and thinning of the skin, eye socket fat that is coming forward, or just some temporary swelling.  Festoons are uncommon in someone your age and may be due to some problem with fluid balance, such as kidney problems.  An oculoplastic surgeon can evaluate you and determine what is the true issue and recommend treatment.

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Your issue is not festoons.

You are missing deep buccal fat.  This causes a very exaggerated midcheek groove.  Cheek fillers will be profoundly beneficial for you.  Look for an injector who is very experienced.  This is far more important than finding the least expensive treatment.  Good luck out there.

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