Breast Aug - Naked Eye Vs. Pictures. Why Do They Look Different?

When I look at my breast augmentation in the mirror, I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. It's been a few years now that I've had my surgery. When I take photos of myself and look at them, I see flaws that I don't see with just looking at myself in the mirror. The one breast that is a bit larger suddenly looks 'more' noticeably larger in the pictures. The shape of one breast is slightly different from the other. Why do pictures exaggerate these flaws more?

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Pictures magnify the flaws

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Thank you for asking this question.  When you look in the mirror, your eye has to cover a greater area verses when you look at a picture.  Therefore in the mirror, you are looking at one breast and then the other.  Your brain has to remember exactly the size of one breast vs the other.  The human brain tolerates a certain amount of asymmetry without giving off signals that something is not right.  When looking at a picture, you can see both breasts simultaneously and can easily detect asymmetries.  That's why if someone has exceptionally symmetric features in person, we refer to them as being "picture perfect". 

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