Under Eye Veins? (photo)

I feel rested when I get sleep and I am not allergic to anything that I know of. No allergies. I have big veins under both eyes that make me look older. I am only 38. I want to know if there is a natural method to getting rid of them? If it is circulation caused, are there stretches or exercises that can be done? I will not go for any surgical fix and I am also not a fan of taking any medication. Could it be a lack of vitamins? Should I eat more veggies?

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How do you treat veins under the eyes ?

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The pictures are not of good quality and it is difficult to ascertain if they are small veins or protuberant and larger veins.

Long pulsed lasers as well as RF treatment can be done on these veins if you are against microphlebectomy.

Microphlebectomy is reserved for the largest of these veins and I am not convinced that you have large veins from the photos you provide.

Diet modification does nothing for these. 

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