Eye Almost Swollen Shut After Restylane, What Can I Do?

Just had restylane injected in my tear troughs yesterday & although I bruised right away, I didn't get swollen too much. I started to notice more swelling about 8 hrs after. By last night I was in tears because I looked like a chipmunk. 23 hours later, I am so disgusted with the swelling in my face that I think it might be too swollen. My cheeks are swollen & one eye is almost swollen shut. I've been icing all day since yesterday. I got 1 syringein each eye.

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Restylane and swelling

If you haven't already contacted the provider and gone in, that's obviously the first step. It's normal to have bruising and/or significant swelling but not so much that your eye would swell shut.

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Eye Almost Swollen Shut After Restylane, What Can I Do?

Swelling after fillers particularly hyaluronic acid fillers (HA's) such as restylane should be discussed prior to injections as it can be quite worrisome for patients.  You are not alone in your surprise/concerns.  Maximal swelling typically occurs 12-24 hours following injections and generally begins subsiding significantly within 72hrs.

HA's are hydrophilic, meaning they naturally attract and retain water and will swell more than some other fillers. The tear troughs are particularly sensitive to trauma and injection within this area inherently causes more inflammation and edema similar to the lips.  Bruising secondary to occasional trauma to blood vessels will typically last up to a week.

Continue Intermittent Ice, Compression, Advil after 24 hrs, and or Arnica.  Concealler when you feel ready can also be helpful.  Should your problems persist or should you have any problems with your vision please consult your physician.

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Swelling after filler

Fillers in general may cause swelling, especially during the first few days after the procedure.  Usually this gets better with time. If concerned, speak or see you physician.

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Eye Almost Swollen Shut After Restylane, What Can I Do?

 If you're having questions or concerns after your Restylane injections, you really should go back and ask these questions of the MD that did the Restylane injections

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