Eye Surgery For Uneven Eyes?

I have noticed that one eye (as in the whole eyeball it's self)is a little higher up on my face than the other eye. I was wondering if there was any sort of surgery that could be done to correct this and what the costs would be. I have thought about it and it seems like it might be possible to lower the eye lids and then lower the pupil with strabismus surgery. Would having some sort of eyelid surgery also work? It is minor, but I feel it is abnormal still.

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Eyelid assymetry

Without a photo, it is difficult to assess your situation. However, some degree of facial asymmetry is normal. If one brow has fallen as part of the aging process and the other remains high, then botox in the offending brow area would elevate the eyelid. Please see a board certified plastic or oculoplastic surgery in consultation for evaluation.

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