Third Eye Surgery - Asymmetrical and Swollen

I had my second revision eyelid surgery 2 months ago. My left eyelid looks reddish and slightly swelling, my right eyelid structured quite nicely. I am still very worry because both of my eyes don't look symmetrical especially in the inner corner of my left eye. It kinda looks like my left eyelid fold above the eyelid crease(I'm not sure). Please give me some feedback, I need some expert opinion because I am freaking out. Thank you.

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After multiple surgeries, I would wait more than 2 months before evaluating the full results

After multiple surgeries, I would wait more than 2 months before evaluating the full results. It looks like there still might be some swelling which can take up to 6 months to before settling down, so try not to freak out quite yet. Let it heal completely first

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There appears there is some kind of process going in the left upper eyelid medially (close to nose).  It is hard to know what exactly without proper examination.  It might be a granuloma.  I recommend you seek an eyelid specialist.

Dr T

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
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Third eye surgery?

you need to take a break and your surgeon needs a sabbatical. asymmetry  is the norm not the exception.

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