Eye Surgery Problems?

I had my upper and lower eyes done. Under my right lower lash line, it looks like the stitches didn't hold. The scar is separated and bumping. Is there anything my doctor can do to fix this. It has been three months since my surgery was done.

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Eye Surgery Problems?

       This would be very difficult to give advice without an exam or very good pictures.  This situation may not require treatment as the scar matures, or the scar may be revised.  It is hard to say with the information provided.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Any problems after lower eyelid surgery should be brought to the attention of your surgeon.

It is highly unlikely that she would have an open wound three months after lower eyelid surgery. Whatever the problem is bring to the attention of your surgeon. He will have an explanation and a solution.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Concerns regarding incision 3 months after lower lid blepahoplasty?

Typically most incisions are fairly well healed 3 months after blepharoplasy.  Time is always your friend, and I would strongly recommend a little massage and patience before you consider a revision. Some patients simply heal slower than others.

I recommend you chat with your Plastic Surgeon for reassurance and guidance.

Best of luck,

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