What Eye Surgery is Best for High Myopia?

want to know if I'm qualified to go through ICL Visian surgery this is my eyevprescription is R=-17.50 -1-00x145 L=-17.50 - 1-00x002 But for a long time I've been only using a. -12 contact lense and an eyeglass on top but I still have very poor vision and suffering eye discomfort from my contacts

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What Eye Surgery is Best For High Myopia?

High myopia is defined as a prescription of roughly -8.00 and above. Sometimes, if the cornea is thick enough, Lasik can be performed at this level, but there are very few corneas that are thick enough to treat above about a -10 or 11. So, your -17 prescription is certainly out of the Lasik range. Your two options are to have an Implantable Contact Lens(ICL) placed in your eye, or, depending on your age, having a Refractive Lens Exchange(RLE). Both procedures are performed in an operating room. An ICL procedure involves surgically implanting a synthetic lens into the eye and placing it in front of the human lens, thus leaving the human lens intact. This is a very safe approach and is generally recommended for patients between the ages of 18-40. After 40, it is probably better to perform a RLE, which involves removing the human lens(like a cataract procedure) and implanting a synthetic lens in its place. Obviously, thousands of lens based(cataract, RLE) procedures are performed every day and are very safe as well. So, the good news is that you have several options and should do very well with one of these two procedures.

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