Eye Strain Associated with Ptosis?

The thing is, my ophtamologist thinks I have good levator function in my left eye, but when the eyes are relaxed/droopy, the left eye droops more than the right eye. When the eyen open in a "surprised" look, they look nearly the same. The thing is for some reason I IMMEDIATELY feel eye tigthness as soon as I open my eyes to the "normal" gaze. So, could a ptosis NOT related to levator be causing eye strain? Because I know that normal eye strain is typically related to eyelid ptosis.

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Ptosis with good levator function is possible

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you appear young so congenital ptosis is my first inclination, but if your levator function is good, then you may have a levator dehiscence. maybe traumatic? this is something yur ophtho can address. good luck

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