One Eye Still Blurry at 4 Weeks?

I had Lasik done a little over 4 weeks ago. One eye is still blurry at just about all distances -- the blurriness does not fluctuate. The blurriness will go away temporarily with drops (30 seconds). At two weeks I was told that I have dryness and inflammation, to continue using the regular drops, and that over time it would improve. The corneal shape & flap checked out -- everything was/is perfect (no astigmatism no myopia). Q: How long for the inflammation to go away? 6 months?

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Dry Eyes Can Last for Six Months After LASIK

Blurred vision that clears with use of artificial tears is generally caused by dry eyes.  Dry eyes can last for six months after LASIK and in rare cases longer.  If your surgeon has already found that you have no other issues such as flap striae, the first thing to try would be frequent (every hour) use of artificial tears to see if you can make your vision clearer while you are healing.  Another option might be punctal plugs.

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