Eye Won't Shut Completely After Lower Blepharoplasty, Can This Be Fixed?

I had a mid-facelift almost six months ago which included external incisions below the eyelids and canthopexy and now one eye does not shut completely when I blink. Is this caused by nerve damage and can it be fixed if so? My eyes look all right but this lack of function is a serious problem.

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Eyelid closure problems answered by a DC oculoplastic surgeon

That sounds like it could be nerve damage assuming you didn't have an eyelid surgery. I would check with whoever did your facelift and if it is a problem see an eyelid specialist to get it fixed. There is a nerve (facial nerve) which can be directly or indirectly damaged during a facelift. If so the patient can have trouble closing the eyes. Six months is usually a good time for function to return if the nerve is temporarily stunned. Sometimes we give up to a year for improvement if we are still noting changes. You may also want to make sure your eye is ok by asking your facelift surgeon an ophthalmologist you should see.

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