Are Eye Shields Worn when Doing Pixel Resurfacing Under Eyes?

I recently went for my first pixel resurfacing session under and above my eyes. Eye shields weren't placed in my eyes. I was told to just keep my eyes close. She only concentrated around my eye. Not in the wrinkles that are close to my lower lash line. She said she would get to those later, that for now she needs to open my eye more. So she concentrated on just around the eye. She only took like 2mins for each eye. Is this normal? I am going for 4 more sessions. I am 29 years old.

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Pixel eye shields

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The Erbium laser is not like other lasers. When performing the Pixel, I always have so sort of eye protection but I'm not sure if it is absolutely necessary. Unlike other lasers, the eye protection for the pixel is clear and is mostly so no particles get in the eyes.

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