How Long Does Eyelid Surgery Last?

I had eylid surgery and after only 2 years i noticed changes and wondered if others had this same experience. This is not something that I will not have repaired any time in the near furure. i just wanted to know how long eyelid surgery lasts.


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Does Eyelid Improvement Last Forever ?

You will ALWAYS have improvement following successful eyelid surgery compared to not having had the procedure done. That being said, you will also continue to age afterwards.Aging appearance is not only for the upper lids themselves but also because of brow sagging for the upper lids and upper cheek volume loss and drooping with age.

I have been performing these surgeries for the past 25 years and the results last so long that few have to be repeated before 10-15 years.

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Longevity of eyelid surgery

That's a good and sometimes tough questions Mo2540.


Without photos it's tough to say and the answer is also. . .it depends.  We can turn back the hands of the clock but it will still continue to tick, of course.


Patients who are older than 60, had a conservative surgery, have other chronic diseases (eg.  Diabeties, Lupus, Rhuematoid arthritis, cancer recovery), have heavy brows or did not have a brow lift with their upper eyelid surgery can have early changes or signs of aging.


Also, I don't know if you're talking about uppers or lowers.  Try to post a photo and give a bit more info and we can be of more help.


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