Can Eye Irritation Casue a Scleral Show?

I went to my ophthalmologist today and I asked him to check my lower lid because I thought I had a scleral show because my lower eyelid was droopy on one eye. He said the lower lid was in line and maybe on a few mm off form the other eye. He said I had a good amount of irritation in this eye, most likely from contacts he said. He gave me drops to cure the irritation. My question is could irritation cause this droop, and if so, could the eye drops cure it?

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Scleral show and eye irritation

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It is unlikely that scleral show is at all the result of eye irritation from your contact lenses.  Scleral show may be genetic , traumatically induced, or from poor tone of your lower lid.

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Scleral show not from irritation

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I think you probably are a little paranoid aboiut this.  I have not seen a case of sclera show from irritation and this will probably resolve with the drops.  I will assume you have had no surgery so this would not be the cause of the problem.  It probaly is related to the contacts and nothing more.  If it doesn't resolve and you are concerned I would return to your doctor for follow up.

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