Under Eye Hollows. Thoughts On Permanent Fillers?

I have under eye hollows and thought I read some time ago that a permanent filler was not safe to use in this area. However I have since discovered that Dr. Mark Koffard located in Dana Point, Ca. not only recommends a permanent filler (Artefill) for this area but trains doctors around the country on how to inject Artefill to provide a permanent solution for under eye hollows. Is this safe? I certainly don't want to do anything that could possibly harm my eyes. Thanks.

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Permanent Fillers for Under-Eye Hollows (Tear Troughs)

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I NEVER recommend permanent fillers for any of my patients (such silicone gel, Artefill or Artecoll).  The results of these products depend on the inflammatory response of your tissue, and that is entirely unpredictable.  If you have a problem with the filler, or don't like the results, it can NEVER be completely removed.  While I was in practice in California, I saw many patients who had injections (most performed just over the border in Mexico) in many areas of the face that I had to surgically correct.  Even if you decide to do this, please try a temporary filler first to see if you like the result.  When I do that for my patients and they want a more permanent solution, I recommend a cheek/tear trough implant- even that can be removed if there are issues.  You are fortunate to have a talented facial plastic surgeon in Boise whom I recommend, and would trust with my family members- Bret Rodgers, MD.  He was trained by one of the best in the field.  Please consult with him.

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