Under eye hollows. I would like something non-invasive & long lasting. PRP under eye injections? (photos)

Recommendations? 34 y/o vegetarian.

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Under eye hollowing options that are nonsurgical

PRP employs your own blood plasma combined with another agent to "tell" your body that an injury has occurred and theoretically then cause a wound healing response that increases the amount of collagen. Whether or not this response would be discernible is questionable and the injections can create a fairly intense burning sensation.

Hyaluronic gels - and particularly Restylane - can provide an immediate volume correction that lasts a fairly long time. Placement levels are important, so be sure you see an experienced physician. Your chances of getting the outcome you wish is much greater with filler.

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Well-performed lower eyelid injections may be helpful for correcting lower eyelid grooves.

In our practice, we prefer to fill delicate under eye grooves with Silikon-1000, an off-label filler for permanent results. We do not offer PRP in our practice.

Hope this helps.

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