Are Under Eye Hollow Fillers Safe for an 18 Year Old Girl? (photo)

I've had hollows under my eyes all my life and it makes me look tired and strangely...old. I've been looking into it and what's the preference between restylane and fat transfer? My concern for fat transfer is lumps and for restylane going blind! Also how do doctors feel about giving 18 year old's botox? It wouldn't be for a anti ageing point of view but because i have quite low eyebrows it makes me look sad and bored,. (Probably the worst combination of features ever, I look old bored and sad)

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Restylane and treatment

I would suggest you first visit with a reputable and well-trained injector to discuss all of your filler and neuromodulator options, learn of potential side effects, benefits, expectations, and bring a parent/guardian with you if you're seriously considering surgical options, like fat transfer.

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Under Eye Hollow Fillers Safe for an 18 Year Old Girl

You may benefit from restylane (rather than botox) underneath the eyes. This can be a procedure with potential complications, so an injector may prefer you have a parent present so that both of you understand the benefits and risks associated with the treatment. Due to potential complications this procedure should only be performed by an experienced and expert physician injector.

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18 years is a bit young but...

From an anatomic standpoint, you do have a "tear trough" hollow along the lower lids which fillers would help.

Your brow position, however, is excellent, and does not need any change.

The risk of blindness from injecting fillers, though possible, is exceedingly small. I will agree that most surgeons would feel a bit uncomfortable with treating someone this young.

Although the age of consent is 18 years old, it would be a good idea for you to have a consultation with your parent present.

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Are Under Eye Hollow Fillers Safe for an 18 Year Old Girl?

Your concern is one of the issues I see. You can not obtain any medical treatment with pout the consent in writing of a parent. Of course you could lie about your age. But also over the internet ver hard to advise if any of us docs would treat you. Best is in person examination with a parent prersent. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Wow, are you really 18?

Ok, you do have under eye circles.  I would strongly advise you to avoid surgery for this issue.  If you must have the circle addressed, under eye Restylane with a very experienced under eye injector is your best and safest option.  

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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