Under Eye Hard Lump 10 Days After Cheek and Under Eye Fat Transfer with a Bruise Underneath, is It Permanent?

I had fat grafting to my under eye and cheek area as I was suffering from eye bulging and flat cheeks. I am 10 days post op, right side of my face looks great with no bruising or swelling but on the left I have a sausage like lump which doesn’t feel soft under my eyeball with a red bruise underneath.left eye looks smaller and looking from the side my lower lid is on same level with my cheek. What could that lump be? I’m really worried its permanet and would have to remove it surgically

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Under Eye Hard Lump 10 Days After Cheek and Under Eye Fat Transfer with a Bruise Underneath, is It Permanent?

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Probably not. It is not uncommon for some edema to be manifest as a lump around the fat graft-- I would give this time to see how it does as the graft heals. Your surgeon may want you to massage this area after a while to soften it, but don't do that until they say it is okay. Worst case scenario would be if some fat did not "take", but stayed as "fat necrosis"-- but this is very rare in the face, I have not seen it personally yet (but have seen it in the breast, for example after breast reduction).

Columbia Plastic Surgeon

Lump after fat grafting with bruise

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It may be fat but most likely it is a hematoma.I generally have my patients at this stage make out the swelling or lumps are pla -dough and have them press the irregularities  hard against the bone of the lower lid.This has solved most early complaints in this  area

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Under eye lump after fat transfer

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You may be seeing increased tissue swelling on the left side. Sometimes this reaction is due more to the presence of blood cells in the area.

You should follow this closely with your surgeon and follow his or her recommendations.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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