After Lower Eyelid Surgery there are Strange Lumps under One Eye, What Would Cause that? (photo)

Hi, year after a lower eyelid surgery, I am left with strange lumps under right eye and deep troughs under both eyes above which is a bulgy fat area. Is resurgery the best answer, and what could be causing the strange lumps; there are supposedly no stitches left inside. Thank you, Cathy

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Lower lid lumps and bumps after eyelid surgery

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What a good question.  Without examining you I am not sure that I can give you a good answer.  My suspicion is that you may be seeing some residual fat herniation from the lower fat pockets, and perhaps you may have some remnants of fatty necrosis with residual granuloma areas noted.  You are correct that there should not be any suture remnants at this time.  They would have dissolved months ago, if they were ever used initially.  Most surgeons don't place sutures into thew loser lid areas except along the edges of the incision.


Follow up with your Plastic Sugeon and express your concerns  as you have in this question.  Good luck.

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