Eye Enlargement Surgery for Asians?

hi, i have narrow eyes due to genetics -_-. i do not have a double eyelid, but i dont really want one either. my eyes are pretty narrow so is there a surgery that can make my eyes wider and taller? i dont really want to get double eyelids but at the same time, i would rather not have people constantly asking "how can you see anything?!"

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Surgery to change eyelid position

The distance between the eyelid margins when looking straight forward can be affected a numerous conditions. Even with a photo sometimes it can be hard to tell what is causing the effect you see. Some of the condtions that can narrow the vertical distance are excess upper eyelid skin, brow drooping, poor function or abnormal attachments of the upper eyelid elevating muscles, etc. So the answer to your question is there are a number of procedures available but the question should be which of these procedure(s) would be best in your case. That is not answerable with the limited information in your post.

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Eye enlargement for Asians.

I would need to see a photo to be sure of what to tell you. Sometimes I have done a brow lift to oen the look of the eye without having to do a double eyelid procedure.

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