What Treatment is Safe for Under Eye Dark Veins?

I am 25 and have had dark veins under my eyes almost all my life. There is one very large one under one eye and several smaller ones under both eyes. I have read the responses to similar questions regarding this issue but there seems to be conflicting/limited information about what is actually considered medically safe/acceptable approach. I am scheduled to have "laser vein therapy" in about a month. What are the risks? Do most experts consider this safe and effective?

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Vein Treatment

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Many consider laser into veins around the eye unsafe, and I am in that camp, until I can be shown it is entirely safe.

Treatment of under eye veins

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Larger veins under the eyes can be removed with microphlebectomy with great cosmetic outcomes.

Smaller veins are treated with sclerotherapy or ohmic thermolysis. 

Dark eye circles and lower eyelid veins - improving the lower eyelids

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Improvement of the lower eyelid veins can be achieved with a minor surgical procedure to ligate the tiny veins.  Sclerotherapy is used, but generally discouraged.  I would also recommend Melarase AM and Melarase PM for dark under eye circles, in order to improve the skin tone of the skin and brighten the eyes. 

Veins under the eyes

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It's really impossible to address what treatment if any is ideal for the veins under your eyes without seeing them. Many of the dark vessels or small telangiectasias patients complain of around the eyes are treatable with various types of lasers (Nd:YAG, KTP, Pulsed Dye). Diffuse redness can be treated with IPL.  It is always a good idea to have a consultation with someone you trust and has a lot of experience treating such things.  There is no one right answer for all patients and all vessels.



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