Under Eye Crepeyness and Severe Puffiness?

Hey. I am a 24 yr old m. I have been through a rough period for about 3 mths. During this time I was on meds and this caused severe swelling under my eyes which has stretched the skin so now I have a lot of crepey skin, specially when I smile. I have been off them for a month now but the skin hasn't returned to its original state Which means I still get huge swelling and bags, and also dark circles. I have never had this issue before. What is the best procedure for this crepyness and swelling

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Hold off on any invasive procedure for now.

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I would recommend waiting at least a year before considering any invasive procedure for a couple of reasons.

First, you want to give ample time for your anatomy to return to its natural state, and at your young age, there is a good chance that this would happen.

Second, you state that you have been in a "rough period" for a time. It is best from a psychological standpoint to be in a better place before making any decision regarding plastic surgery. Your outlook and perspective will definitely change, and as such waiting a bit longer is prudent.

Best of luck

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Under eye issues

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Pictures would be very helpful to give you the best advice.  I would say that since it has been a relatively short period of time of only several months, that the crepy skin and puffiness under your eyes may still improve with more time.  Especially at your age of 24, your appearance may get better.  If there does appear to be some permanent issue with crepy skin or puffiness, then those problems can sometimes be addressed with surgery, fillers, or skin resurfacing with lasers or chemical peels.   

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Wait Longer Before Considering Surgery

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You should consider waiting longer before considering surgical correction of your eyelid issues. One month is not long enough to wait to see if things return to normal. All the best.

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