How Can A 17 Year Old Treat Under Eye Circles?

I am only 17 but have dark under eye circles. I don't have allergies or sinus problems. Do I have options other than concealer? My parents are willing to treat.

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Treating Darkness in a Young Patient

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Dark undereyes are something that can affect any age group. At this age, you may be too young for some surgeons to consider operating on, and it may be an inconvenient time. If so, there are always options to lighten the area with fillers, that can fill the depression and therefore lighten it up and make it less prone to shadows. The options for this include fillers like Radiesse or Restylane, and can be done over a lunch break (though they are only temporary). 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Dark circles under the eyes

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Sometimes bags under the eyes can the result of a hereditary condition called hereditary fat pseudoherniation which is a fancy name for excessive fat under the eyelids which can imbue darkness to that area. This can be definitively treated with a surgical procedure. I have personally performed this procedure on 18 year olds so you are not too far off. If this is your situation, this can be permanently improved with a surgical procedure that takes less than an hour. If the dark circles are from hyperpigmentation in your skin, this can often be treated with the laser for improvement. I would see a facial plastic surgeon who has experience in under eye or behind the eyelid surgery. I hope this information helps.

Scott Trimas, MD
Jacksonville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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