What Treatment Options Are There For Under Eye Dark Circles? (Photos)

Hi. I'm 19 years old and Ive suffered from dark circles beneath my eyes since the age of 16. What appears to be the cause of mine?(I.e Nasal or Venous congestion, Tear Trough Deformity, Pigmentation Etc.) What are the current treatments available for these blemishes and to whom should I consult in order to receive such treatments? I'm growing disgusted by the fact that they seem to be getting worse... Any and all responses are deeply appreciated. P.S Heredity and Sun Exposure are not applicable.

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Filler is the answer for this if it bothers you enough.

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A relatively small amount of under eye Restylane will improve the hollow appearance.  Treatment could last up to 2 years per treatment.

What causes dark circles?  Simple, thin skin over a red muscle.  Absorption of light by the muscle makes this skin look darker than the adjacent skin.  The filler does not fix this issue but the area will look better overall with this treatment.  Please look for an injecting physician in your area with a great deal of experience with this treatment.  The service is considered an advanced technique and is off-label.

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Under eye hollow area

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My first choice for young patients such as yourself is extremely careful addition of volume to the lower eyelid area to transform the hollows of the lower eyelid which now absorb light and create darkness and shadow to an area that reflects light, appearing more youthful, and alert.  This volume would be either Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, or Radiesse.

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