One Eye Blurry 6 Months After Lasik

I had lasik surgery 6 months ago and have since seen clearly out of only one eye. The vision in my left eye is slightly blurred (enough to annoy me). Sometimes the blurriness is worse than other times.

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Blurry Vision After LASIK Tips

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There are several reasons why you may have blurry vision after LASIK and at 6 months the results should be stable as was already mentioned.  There are several possibilities and only your doctor can help you resolve this issue.  You may have some uncorrected vision than can be helped by another procedure although this is not always possible.  Also, you could have dry eye problems that are blurring your vision and sometimes medication, tears, or punctal plugs are helpful.  A lot more information and an examination should reveal what your problem is and the best way to treat it.

Greenwood Village Ophthalmologist

Blurry vision in one eye after LASIK

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I would recommend that you seek care from your eyeMD to determine the cause of your blurriness.  If this is determined to be due to a small prescription, it may be treated with a second procedure, known as an enhancement. 

Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

Blurry vision after LASIK

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Six months out, your cornea should be healed and your vision stable.  There are a number of reasons your vision could be blurry.  It is possible that you have some residual refractive error (nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism), and you may benefit from a touch-up or enhancement.  Other possible reasons include dry eye, which can blur the vision, or more rare complications such as flap wrinkles or striae, epithelial ingrowth, and even unrelated problems such as cataract or retinal disorders.

It would be best for you to see your surgeon, have him/her assess your current situation, and choose the proper solution.

Gary Kawesch, MD (retired)
San Jose Ophthalmologist

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