One Eye Won't Blink Immediately After Midface Lift. 4 Months Later Little Improvement.

also right side upper mouth is still unable to smile or move right. does show slight improvement,,like now I can use a straw. dr says may take up to a year. should I expect full recovery? I am 67 years old. this is my second facelift

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One of the significant risks in facelift surgery is injury to the facial nerve. This should be rare and I have never experienced this in a minilift. However, the fact that you are showing movement is very positive. No guarentee but, i expect a full recovery. Merves are slow.

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Mid face lift

You need a consultation with an ophthalmologist ASAP ( Prefferably a neuro-ophthalmologist).

Need a consult by a NEUROLOGIST, for full evaluation

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