Why is One Eye Bigger? What Can I Do? (photo)

One of my eyeballs are bigger than the other. I've only started noticing this slightly after I got braces put on which was in 2010..it has been starting to get much more noticeable, especially in photos. My eyes never used to look like this and didnt used to look like this in photos. What could be the cause and is it fixable?

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Photo is small but...

I agree with the others on this post that you seem to have a droopy rigth upper eyelid [ptosis]. An ASOPRS trained oculoplastics surgeon can help evaluate this, and also measure if one eye is in fact bulgy or not.

Good luck

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Why is One Eye Bigger? What Can I Do? (photo)

It seems like you have ptosis.  You should see an Oculoplastic surgeon for an in depth evaluation, and then he can offer you your best "fix".  Good luck.

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You definitely have upper eyelid ptosis on the right.

This appears to be a classic levator disinsertion with a thin upper eyelid.  Often repairing the ptosis can pull orbital fat forward and help with the relative fullness of the sub brow area.  Interestingly both eye brows sit at about the same height.  Normally one would expect the eyebrow on the ptotic side would be higher.  This suggests to me that you might have latent ptosis of the left upper eyelid.  This needs to be assessed at the time of detailed consultation.  The American Society for Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery maintains a geographic directory that can help you find a well qualified eyelid surgeon close to where you live (asoprs dot org).

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You need to be evaluated in person

You probably should be evaluated by an oculoplastic specialist. You may have a droopy right upper eyelid, or a retracted (too open) left upper eyelid. There are several causes for each of these. Are you sure you are not noticing something now that was there before? Check old photos, and bring them with you when you see the doctor.

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