Eye Bags/Malar Bag Treatment Options?

I am only fifteen but I have had these malar bags under my eyes for as long as I can remember. What can I do about them? They're driving me crazy!

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Eye bag treatments in Young People

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When young people complain of "eye bags," rarely do they truly have protruding lower lid fat bags (as is seen in older aging people).  Instead it is almost always associated with an underdeveloped cheek bone, causing what is called a "negative vector orbit."  In this anatomic situation, the normal periorbital fat protrudes further than the underformed cheek bone, causing a shadowing and the appearance of premature bags.  This condition is best treated with fat injections to build up the cheeks, and tear troughs, or tear trough implants, or cheek implants, depending upon your specific anatomy.


What is not a good idea is to remove the precious periorbital fat.  This will leave you with a very hollow orbit as you age.  It is better to leave what is normal alone (the eyelid fat bag), and fix what is abnormal (the underprojecting cheek bone).


Because you are a minor, you will need to address this issue with your parents and then seek the advice of a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can help counsel you on the appropriate treatment and timing of these procedures.

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Ask your parents

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First you need to discuss this with your parents.  If they are in agreement, see a plastic surgeon for an evaluation.  Some young individuals do have prominent fat herniation that can cause circles under the eyes.  This can be corrected with relatively simple cosmetic surgery. 

Eye Bags/Malar Bag Treatment Options?

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 Since, you are under 18 years old, please share this answer with your parents.  Teens can have fat bags of the lower eyelids and these are quite different than malar bags.  You should see some plastic and cosmetic surgeons with your parents to assess the issue.  Lower Eyelid Surgery would be required to remove the lower eyelid fat bags while "malar bags" have no designated treatment or means of improvement other than Cheek Implants in a select group of individuals.  Hope this helps.

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Post photos

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Without photos, it is impossible for us to give you a good evaluation on the concerns that are specific to you and your anatomy. Please post high quality photos of the eyes AND the face to give us a better perspective.

Malar bags can be very difficult to treat, but we need to see what exactly you mean by "malar bags"

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