Eye bags caused by Selphyl - How can corrections be made?

I had Selphyl injections done on my face last week.  All the swelling went down except that I now have large sagging bags under my eyes (at the top of my cheek bones).  The fullness of these have gone down, but not all the way, and is now leaving the skin sagging.  Please advise what can be done. Thank you. RAB

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Selphyl and lower lid bags

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What you are describing is probably residual swelling. injection technique is important. Hopefully, the swelling will go own in the next week and then you should monitor the area (and the best thing is to have your doctor take "after" pictures at the 4 week point) to determine if there is any improvement before you decide on whether to have the second set of injections. In my experience, the bruising is almost totally resolved within 3 days of injection.

Selhyl inj. causing bags under the eyes

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If it is only a week there is good chance it is just swelling from injection and will subside in another week or so as long as selphyl is not in the eyelid itself. All you can do for now is some cold compresses and wait.

Raj Chowdary, MD (retired)
Allentown Plastic Surgeon

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