Fixing Eye Bags Caused by Bilateral Lower Lid Retraction Repair?

About 4 years ago, I underwent bilateral lower lid retraction repair for my proptosis. The oculoplastic surgeon cut a muscle in my lower eyelids in hopes in would raise a bit to cover the scelera.

The procedure wasn't 100% successful as the lids retracted a bit. I noticed after the fact that I developed under-eye shadows which look horrible because it gives the appearance of bags under the eyes in certain lighting.

I've always had under-eye hallowness but that's never bothered me but the undereye shadows look awful. What can I do?

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Eye problems

 It is difficult to give you advice without adequately examining you and/or seeing pictures.  If you have tightness in the lower lid from scarring than you may need a spacer graft.

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Your eye bags is a difficult issue

Without examining you, its hard to tell for sure what your options are. But by what you describe, I would not be too anxious to undergo surgery again. You are at a higher risk for lid retraction if you do have surgery. The shadows you mention can be caused by several things, but your anatomy certainly plays a role. Under eye hollowness may be amenable to treatment with fillers and this non-surgical treatment may help. I would recommend a consult with a plastic surgeon, or oculoplastic surgeon well versed in eyelid surgery. Also, do know if there is any medical cause for your proptosis? (IE. thyroid disorders)

Dean Fardo, MD
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Need pictures

 It would really be very helpful to have before and after pictures to give you specific advice.  Depending on the issue, you may need an additional surgery.  However, it is quite possible that another non-invasive or injection procedure could help you as well.



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