Are under eye bags likely to go away soon or should filler be dissolved? Was doctor wrong to inject superficially? (photo)

I had Belotero superficially injected under my eyes four days ago. I left the office with a "pillow" under one eye and a bag under the other. I had the same amount deeply injected in the past with no bags. This doctor insisted fillers under the eyes had to be injected superficially. The bags haven't improved any the past four days though the area is no longer sore. What should I know before dissolving it to prevent further complications?

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Belotero, under eyes

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Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Belotero, are placed directly on the bone (orbital rim) for the treatment of under eye hollowing or what we call tear troughs. It is not meant to be placed superficially. 

I would recommend waiting 2-3 weeks to allow swelling to subside prior to making any decisions to use a hyaluronidase product to dissolve the material.

Belotero for under eye area

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Belotero is the idea injection for the under eye area.  The area under the eye has very thin skin so proper placement of Belotero is important.  I would wait two weeks to see the full effect of the treatment since you probably still have swelling or bruising from the procedure.  If after two weeks you are unhappy you should return to your treating physician to have the Belotero reversed.

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